Sunday, November 1, 2015

Fall CSA 2015 and this week's freebies

 This past Friday's pickup: savoy cabbagem bag of arugula, scallions, lettuce (smallish head of Boston Bibb), bag of dried beans, jar blueberry jam (noted that it's no longer made at the farm but jobbed out), lb Russet apples. Bonus was radishes, I passed.
 and a pumpkin from their "pumpkin patch." I was there when the pumpkins were delivered. A large, cardboard encassed pallet was dropped off in a grass area, a farm worker placed them about. Wete these even grown on the farm? Are they organic? I doubt it. They recently held a moonlight supper event (tickets were something like $35/adult, $15/child) and carve your own pumpkin was an activity. These are the leftovers. I happened to briefly see the owner, who commented that it's hard to find a good pumpkin on the last few days of October, many of what's out in the field are soft. WHAT??!! you admit that what is in my share is far from ideal? sigh . .no opportunity to address that, I was literally racing to my therapy rehab at the hospital. I did get a nice field pumpkin, which I will peocess into puree.
 Freebies this week: 3 monster sized, chocolate chip cookies l/o from a workshop meeting
 Friday had nother dept hosting a bfst-lots of carbs, sweets but I managed to grad an apple. Bag of popcorn was gifted to me at lunch, from extas a coworker had from treats for her students
Here's the full tub of Halloween candy this year. While I did pay for it, the 1/3 or so remaining could be considered unexpected freebies.
Another freebie from Penzeys-I need to get over there as I have another freebie (curry?) cpn in my purse.

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Marcia in rural WNY said...

I don't know where all the trick or treaters were in our neighborhood this year. I usually go through about 10 bags of candy bars--I started with 11 and had about 6 1/2 left. I don't need them! I may freeze for Christmas stockings although we don't need that much for those either.

Only thing I can think of that because of being on Saturday, there were more house parties. The weather here was beautiful, too.