Saturday, November 21, 2015

Dish washer on the fritz AGAIN!

 Sitting in the kitchen,  having tea with a friend, the dish washer randomly turned itself on???!! Something weird is going on! so, downstairs I went, switched off the breaker. I emptied the D/W, handwashing what was inside. Grr!
so these are drying over night, and I will put them away come morning. I cleaned the first screen, tried running it, it seemed normal, then switched back to an error code. DD is away until Mon, when I can ask her to reach inside and get the inner filter, cleaning that one. Then we'll see if it's cleared. Sigh. This D/W hs been a real pain.

If it isn't fixed after DD's cleaning, I am alerting the LL that we again have issues.

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Precious People Preschool said...

Sometimes white vinegar helps dump some in let it sit then dish washer.