Friday, November 27, 2015

December 2015 menus


Unbelievably, December is arriving next week. Modest Christmas preparations are started, at very low cost such as purchasing an artificial tree for less than a real one would cost me. I estimate that I'll get to use it for at least 10 years, if not more. Already owned table linens, decorations (both inside and out) are being reused. Holiday shopping has started, and should soon be completed, again on a tightly controlled budget with monies set aside monthly.

Time to work out my menus, and feeling blessed that the bulk of what will be be served is already on hand. My goal moving into the new year (Jan) is to eat down our stores as we will be seeking more affordable, and smaller accomodations come Summer.

1-lazy golumbki casserole, use fzn beef; green salad
3-quinoa stuffed acorn squash, salad
5-Butternut squash soup
6-CP beef-turkey (both fzn) meatloaf, mashd potatoes, roast Butternut squash
7-ginger glazed, whole filet salmon (fz), br rice, canned gr beans
8-CP fzn meatballs (last of my HM ones)in marinara, spaghetti; fzn broccoli
10-Ck caciatore (fzn ck), *use new sauce, br rice
12-hamburger beef-veg soup
13-CP pork chops (fzn), ,ashed potatoes, canned corn
14-baked (assorted types) fish fillets, br rice, canned beets
15-hamburger macaroni using fzn Ital sausage; gr salad
17-fzn pork-veg pot stickers, stir fry using new sauce, br rice
18-homemade pizza, salad
19-ck-noodle soup
20-CP roast chicken, stove top, mixed canned gr/wax beans
21-ck pot pie (use bought crusts, aseptic box cream sauce), salad
22-turkey (fzn chopped) tacos on flour tortillas, canned refried beans, Mexicorn
24-tourtiere (use fzn grnd pork), salad, shrimp cocktail, pickle/olive tray (include pickled radishes & dilly beans)
25-baked ham with pineapple, scallopped potaotes, fzn peas & f zn creamed onions
26-split pea soup
27-BSCB turned into baked Panko coated ck strips, oven fries, cole slaw, canned corn
28-salmon cakes (use canned pink salmon), canned pork beans, planned over cole slaw
29-pate chinois (use fzn beef-turkey, instant mashed, canned cr corn), green salad
31-tourtiere, salad, shrimp cocktail, pickle/olive tray(include pickled radishes & dilly beans)

So far, besides staples like milk, eggs, cream, I know I will need 3 lbs more of grnd pork, lettuce, 1 bag fzn raw shrimp. I hope for this to be a low grocery expenditure month.


Belinda said...

Looks good, Carol.

Cheapchick said...

Just a suggestion - if buying a prelit tree be sure to buy a package of replacement bulbs now. We bought a prelit tree about 5 years ago and now the replacement bulbs are difficult to find! Fortunately as long as a bulb, even burned out is in the socket the rest light up and there are so many on the tree it doesn't look bare but if I find replacement lights I'm going to stock up! The added benefit is you can have your tree up so much longer - I love putting it up early.

CTMOM said...

Thanks, Belinda

CTMOM said...

Cheapchick, I intentionally did NOT buy a prelit tree, I've seen too many that are up for sale/donation with comments like. "center lights blown out." I bought LED lights a few years back, no issue stringing up lights. Thanks for the tip on extra lights.