Sunday, November 1, 2015

Cleaning company update


As arranged, the cleaning company sent the team that cleaned the previous Thurs, back to redust "the missed areas." On Monday, the suspect "G" showed up, with other team members. I showed her the list of dirty areas per room, and physically showed them by running my finger on the areas and showing the dust what was dirty. She looked far from pleased. I would say sorry that she is embarassed in front of the others (she is the team leader now) or upset to have a call back (not really sure how the company deals with that, but certainly it's a negative) but the job was hers, she didn't do it, she had to make it right. a LOT of noise was made as the dusting took place upstairs-weird, perhpas working out frustrations? Nothing broken, the dusting done. I have to phone the company to thank them and have my account flagged so as never to send G here again. I had asked previously, switching teams in the process. G still came once again, covering for the usual team leader who was out. I was home, I was able to inspect.
November's cleaning will again find me not home, racing to rehab appointments at the hospital, hoping that my usual team does their usual great job.

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