Saturday, November 7, 2015

Car stuff


Last Sat, bright and early, found me waiting outside so as to renew my license, and upgrade to a "verified" one for safety/flights. 2 hours later, new license in hand, $72 but that cost is now spread out over 5 years vs 4. I do account for that monthly, as it is an anticipated expense.

Friday afternoon found me at the dealership, having my snow tires put on (have to wait until Nov 1 to legally have them on). Temp was a strange 74 degrees, yet I know this is Mother Nature's last laugh . .Winter will be coming, I want to be prepared. Since I bought my car and my tires at the dealership, there was no charge to me. That's another freebie.

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Theresa F said...

Interesting that you have to wait until November 1st to put your snow tires on. Here in Canada you can see people with them on year round :). I am getting mine on this Monday even though we have been having gorgeous spring like weather. Could wake up to 3 feet of snow any day now.