Thursday, November 26, 2015

A festive tablescape

A vintage Christmas table cloth over my vintage, formica topped table seems fitting. I don't bother freshly pressing it; although I set placemats over it to protect it from food stains, I knw that I'll be laundering it within a week, no foldlines after that. Thrift shop acquired, green placemats as well as red napkins held together with second hand, white ceramic napkin holders completes the table setting.
Here's another angle, with the sun streaming in the large, dinette window, it was hard to get a great picture.

A cinnamon/nutmeg/holiday spice 3 layered jar candle finishes it off. Perhaps a red/green or christmas candle topper would be more fitting (I used to have a pretty cranberry glass one, assume it broke), I am not willing to buy one. Using what I have, personally, I think it's fine.


meme said...

your table looks so pretty for Christmas ! thanks for showing us! and that is a nice looking tree - can't wait to see it all decorated and lit up!

Rachel said...

I love your table set up. Very festive and ready for the Christmas holiday. We typically don't put tablecloths on our tables since our kids get the table messy with arts and crafts stuff and I would have to wash it every day! LOL