Saturday, October 24, 2015

What's been cooking?

 Fish on Mon this week got a fzn bag of imitation crab out of the freezer
 Baked quiche
 Planned over broccoli, the rest of some sharp Cheddarm leek & bacon became quiche # 2
 Baked quiche
 Canned potatoes, bought for easy Summer meal prep as I recovered from surgery were drained, rinsed, seasoned w/ salt & pepper, Paprika and w/ a drizzle of oil,

oven roasted in the table top convection oven
 Canned beets completed the meal
 Tues was a night finding me returning home @ dinner time, so I moved menu around and we had franks n beans that night, instead of on Thurs
 Wed is normally leftover night for 1 or 2 of us, but Thurs was to be another 12 hour day, so I made the large pate chinois (Fr-Canadian version of Sheppard's pie) and we had that
With the range oven needed, I baked off a tray of brownies as well.

Thurs was choice of l/o pate chinois or quiche (even though we had quiche for bfst earlier in the week, enough remained) , choice of l/o beets, l/o sweet potatoe casserole, and/or broccoli. Dinner was ready, l/o eaten, fridge looks great.

Friday night was preplanned, Chinese take out for 2 of us.

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Joyful said...

Yum, yum! Everything looks delicious.