Saturday, October 24, 2015

Today's grocery shopping

 I was across town, taking care of 3 week's worth of trash and recylcling ($2.60 in trash), and since I was in the area, I stopped at a local, organic farm, the one where I first joined a CSA. Alas, they stopped CSA's a few years back, otherwise I'd still be with them! I spoke with the farmer, who handed me me scissors and told me where to find what I wanted: Japanese red Kuri squash. 10 lbs=$10
I also picked a large bunch of rainbow chard. $3

So much more reasonable and bountiful than where I am a member. We will naturally continue our pick ups, until the end, just prior to Thanksgiving, and move on to something else next year.

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Florence said...

Now that is some beautiful produce!