Sunday, October 18, 2015

Time to fill the soup pot

We finisdhed last night's lentil soup, with my portion being packed for tomorrow's work lunch. Time for more soup. 

I gathered the bulk of the ingredients: soup pasta, l/o corn, a pint of tomatoes, parsley, savoy cabbage, poultry fat, a leek, carrots, beans, celery, some fzn, chopped turkey
 Ater washing the pot, I sweated off the mire poix, using the rest of the poultry fat
 8 cups of  water were added
 4 pkts of ck bouilllon
 A nice broth developed
 Meanwhile, I prepped the veg
 chopped some parsley
 Added these to the awaiting pot
 meat was added
 then the soup pasta, finally some spices added and all was stirred together
Here's the finished soup. I love starting the work week, well prepared ahead


meme said...

That soup looks wonderful!

Belinda said...

Looks good...I love starting the work well well prepared too. Makes for a much smoother week.