Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sunday supper: roast turkey breast

 Roasted one of my 89/lb fzn turkey breasts, which helped to keep the house warm today
 the cooked bird
 I baked off all of the sweet potatoes as they were looking old
 turning them into this, using up some opened marshmallows in the process
 boxed stuffing *(pictured), steamed broccoli
 cranberry sauce
 a bit fuzzy, but here's dinner
 1/2 the breast is reserved for sandwiches, the scraps are now frozen
and a crock pot simmers away into the night

later strained, even more scraps of meat removed (frozen with those already stripped off the bones), a rich, bone broth awaits


meme said...

Can I ask -- what is that long "C" shaped piece of meat in your pot with the turkey breast? It looks like a sausage to me!

Belinda said...

Looks great! You were busy for sure. :)

CTMOM said...

Meme, that is the turkey neck. I allowed it to roast in the pan (along w/ heart and gizzards) to brown (gives a darker color to stock). The mea will be pulled off later, and added to the bag of "scraps" to complete chilli, enchilladas, soup, tacos.

Lili said...

It looks like a delicious dinner, Carol. And the leftovers will be wonderful to have! Great price on the turkey breast.

Linda said...

Since I only like the breast, anyway, that is usually all I buy. It all looks delicious. I am eager to bake and cook in the oven or crockpot since it does keep the place from being damp and cool.

meme said...

oooohhh, thats a great idea -- no waste on your turkey at all!