Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sunday supper: beef short ribs

 An oldie but a goodie; this Mable Hoffman cook book was a staple in my Mom's 1970's kitchen (she was a working Mom). I was disappointed when she gifted her copy to my SIL, but no worries, I grabbed a copy at a rhrift shop some years later, adding it to my cook book collection
 Today's recipe, which I tweaked a bit

 While I browned the ribs, I prepared the vegetables,
 later filling the crock pot with the browned beef ribs
 I drained the Dutch oven drippings, reserving the beef tallow for future cooking. The strained bits were added back to the Dutch oven
 I used the fond covered pan to mix up my 1 cup of beef bouillion needed, scrapping all of the lovely bits up outr of the Dutch oven.
 I added the additional sauce ingredients, omitting the salt (enough in the sauce, IMO), using up 2 fast food, ketchup packets
The sauce was blended, poured into the awaiting CP. It will cook for 6-8 hours, until veg are done, meat is tender.

Supper is done
including the gravy that I thicken with a corn starch slurry over the AP flour from the recipe (my preference)

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meme said...

Boy - did your dinner look wonderful ! I loved seeing the older crock pot cookbook. It recommended me of being a child too.