Saturday, October 17, 2015

Saturday soup

 Lentil soup, using up the rest og the green lentils (still have red on hand to use before buying more). Kale, mustard green, celery, carrots, scallions, 2 hot dogs plus spices
 Mire poix cooked in reserved bacon fat
 Add 8 cups water
 2 reserved ramen packets of ck bouillion
 The rinsed lentils
 Allow to cook 1 hour with some added oregano, a Bay leaf
 Meanwhile, chiffonade the greens
make hot dog "pennies"

 About 40 minutes in, add greens and hot dog pennies.
Soup's on!

Low fat Grands biscuits served alongside.


young77 said...

Thanks for the steps for making the lentil soup. I was planning on making some in cp on Monday for the week. I had scored a pkg of 12 turkey sausage links for $.99 (Mgr's special.) I had two with eggs for brunch and fried the rest to cut into "coins" to go with lentils. Now I know what else to add without searching recipes. Shirley

CTMOM said...

Shirley, use what you have, as I did. Add a 15 oz can of tomatoes, greens were an extra I wanted to use up.