Sunday, October 4, 2015

Saturday shopping

 Stopped in at Dollar Tree for the following: ginger snaps, a back brush for the shower, caramels, trail mix to keep at work (I refuse to use the vending machines so I keep a stash at work), more 10 ct bonus boxes of oatmeal packets. Additional items (not pictured): 1 bottle Pepsi, 2 each B Crocker au gratin and cheesy scalloped potato mixes (bonus 6 serving sizes), 2 20 oz bafs faz tater tots and 2 24 oz fzn hash browns, Spent $21.05.
 From the butcher's: 1/2 lb Boar's Head deli turkey breast, grnd beef
 georgeous, apple stuffed pork chops (Sunday supper this week)
 huge short ribs (Mon supper). The quality I've been buying makes e very happy.
 Aldi's for some topping up and I grabbed these microwave safe, lidded bowls w/ handles for toting l/o to work. One for me, one for DD. I've been tossing quite a bit of worn out tubs that I had been using for this purpose. Like that these are deemed "safe."
A real treat for Sunday: fresh, homemade style donuts from a new, family run donut shop in town. Pricey, but the quality surpasses even Dunkin Donuts.


Belinda said...

Those pork chops are beautiful!

How does the price of the Boar's Head meat prices compare at the butcher shop as to the grocery store? The taste of the Boar's Head is so good.

CTMOM said...

Belinda, most grocers carry BH cold cuts, along w/ other brands. Price is the same-still expensive, but quality, less processed. Looking forward to cooking/eating those chops tonight.

Kelly Campbell said...

Thanks for the reminder. I need a new back brush for the shower/tub. I do go to Dollar Tree about once a week and I never remember to grab one.

CTMOM said...

Kelly, tried it out today, works well

Kearnygirl said...

Hi! Wow those chops look delicious. We used to have a nice butcher shop here in my town but he's gone now. I miss that. I am not a big meat eater and I don't eat red meat but I still eat pork and poultry. I tend to buy the organic chicken if I can and limit the pork to once in awhile. I just wish I had a decent butcher around here. You're lucky to have one.

thyme2save said...

Though my DD might disagree, Fresh Market is our best metro butcher. Can order bulk in advance, and having a cut just as wanted is a plus. My household has used Fresh Market for almost 5 years. Happy for you to have found a reliable butcher.