Saturday, October 24, 2015

Poor service, a customer complaint


Thursday afternoon was my monthly cleaning service day. Because of my significant orthopedic issues, as well as time constraints, this is a necessity for me.  I pay a lot of $ for this service, pinching in other areas so as to afford to do so. Due to medical appointments, I was unable to be home while they cleaned. Once home, I immediately noted that the job seemed "off," the house didn't have it's usual fresh scent. Upon inspection, it quickly became apparent that whomever did the dusting, did so with a lick and a promise. Some of the top of  flat surfaces such as bureaus were dusted, but nothing moved such as the lamp in the image above; none of the skirt boards or sides of furniuture were done, there are cobwebs in areas around the home, mirror frames dusty, bed spindels, baseboard heaters, shelves, wood stove, lamps, top of fridge, etc. I am quite upset.

I looked at the card they leave behind and immediately suspected why-this was not my usual team of cleaners but worse is that the team leader  (G.)was the one who dusted, and this is an individual I had previously complained about, calling the company and requesting a switch in teams so as not to get G. again. I had to wait until I had a lunch break to call the business on Friday.

I explained that while I was not present during the cleaning, which is unusual for me (before leaving, one is asked to inspect and bring any issues to the team's attention), my boys reported that they arrived @ 3, were gone by 4:25, when one kidlet went up to bed for a nap. Usually the team of 4 women require 2 solid hours. I shared this with the manager and told her that I am not being overly persnickety, the house is dirty as far as the dusting goes. Again, as I didn't physically see who the 4 cleaners were, I noted that G (I gave her description)is the one who dusted, and I had complained before about someone named G's lack of attention to details, moving off her list to another team, with assurances from the manager that G wouldn't return to my home. I assumed that this is the same G, which the manager didn't deny. Their policy for a recall is to have the same team return. Scheduling that was a pain, and someone* (G or not, I don't know/remember) will be out Mon to dust, spritz the rugs with their deodorizer at no cost to me.

Glad that the company is readily willing to make right on this, frustrated that G continues to provide shoddy service. I am not looking for anyone to get in trouble, to be demoted or lose a job-but simply DO the job you are paid for! Grr!


Amy Walter said...

I believe that we all are frugal for our own reasons. I save in so my kids can participate in a competitive marching band. You save and use a cleaning service. Same thing really.

That said I believe you should be getting your money's worth and the bad thing is that they are sending G back to correct the issue. I just hope it works out.

Marcia in rural WNY said...

I am finding more and more instances of people not properly attending to details in all areas of "services" these days. It's so obvious, when I make a complaint in writing, that the person responding to it has read only half of what I wrote, because they ask questions I have already answered. There just are not enough alternate providers to keep shifting from one to another. I was taught that a job worth doing is worth doing well. It totally annoys me that no one else seems to care about such things. I'm glad there are a few of us left, but I really am at a loss as to how to approach the problem beyond the immediate complaint. You are wise to get them to come back--but will you stand over them and SHOW them how to do it properly, or refer to a written contract--or how will you assure that this does not happen again. Or will the agency simply move them to another's house? I'm really at a loss as to what to do when I face such a problem, which is all too often lately.

Anne in the kitchen said...

Though I know it is irritating at least they are coming back to do it to your standards. I don't demand extras, but I expect what I pay for to be done correctly. Good for you for complaining, its the only way they know you weren't satisfied.

Kearnygirl said...

I've never had a cleaning service for myself but my two daughters have very busy careers and lives in general (husbands, kids, etc.). They both have their houses cleaned by women they found word of mouth. I think sometimes this is a better way to go if you have the good luck of getting a reference to a good cleaning person. Both of the women who clean their houses do an excellent job. I am sometimes there when the cleaning woman comes because I watch my little granddaughter two days a week. I was there the last time she cleaned and she is so thorough. Maybe you can ask around where you work if anyone has a good responsible and reliable person they can recommend to you.

JoAnn said...

Marcia, I agree with your assessment of customer service as well. I recently wrote to two seperate companies, one to let them know that I appreciated their free sample but that it also included expired coupons, and to another that I actually bought a product that had the wrong thing in the package (scented trash bags when the box said nothing about scent on it). In both instances, I got generic auto-replies. Obviously their emails are set to pick up certain words and give blanket replies. If I want coupons, like us on Facebook!, um, no thanks, not getting Facebook just for you. And the trash bag one came back as stores are allowed to charge different prices for the same packages if they want--didn't even address my concern. I will be crossing those brands off my grocery list permanantly.