Sunday, October 11, 2015

Planning ahead for another busy week

 Skipping fish on Monday, to try my hand at a friend's recipe for what I call "Southern beans"-we were gifted a dinner which included a large tray of her beans. Randomly, we were talking about them the other day, how delicious they were. I reached out to her, and she has shared her recipe, which I put on the dinner menu, getting the needed pork sausage on Saturday. It calks for 4, 16 oz cans of pork beans "el cheapo ones" so I am using what we have to come up with about the equivalent amount needed
These 23.5 oz cans of Campbell's beans were crash n burn @ 89/can.  I plan on serving a cole slaw and corn bread style Grands biscuits alongside.

Beans are often on our menus. I like to serve a nice "big meat" supper on Sunday's and don't mind eating like paupers the rest of the week, in order to absorb the cost of the meat, especially as I am now using a butcher. More expensive, but quality wise, there is no comparison with conventional grocers. Besides, I've always liked beans. : )

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Not sharing the recipe?