Sunday, October 18, 2015

November 2015 menus


Meal planning for the upcoming month; we will continue to receive our Fall CSA I believe* thru the 20th. "Veg" TBD as a result unless something specific is noted.

1-pork chop bake (fzn chops), whipped butternut squash, apple sauce
2-tuna cakes, coleslaw, veg
3-lazy golumbki casserole
5-CP chicken caciatore (use fzn bone in ck, new caciatore sauce), brown rice
7-Butternut squash soup
8-CP pot roast (fzn beef), mashed potatoes, veg
9-salmon cakes, fzn onion rings, coleslaw, veg
10-CP chopped turkey (fzn) chilli (use new sauce), corn bread
12-quinoa-cranberry stuffed acorn squash (new recipe) green salad
13-CP spaghetti sauce w/ fzn Ital sausage, spaghetti, veg
14-birthday celebration out-TBD
15-baked ham (fzn), scallopped potatoes, veg
16-baked horseradish crusted fish (fzn fillets), br rice, veg
17-CP beef (fzn meat) stew
19-stir fry (use new sauce), basmatti rice
21-split pea soup
22-our Thanksgiving
23-turkey tacos, Mexicorn
24-baked ziti w/ sausage crumbles, topped w/ cheese; salad, veg
26-T day planned overs
27-Tday planned overs
28-turkey soup
29-marinated/broiled pork tenderloin (fzn), apple sauce, roasted Butternut, fzn brussel sprouts
30-creamed salmon, boiled potatoes, fzn peas

Most of what I need, ingredient wise, is already on hand.


Belinda said...

Looks good! Terrific that most of what you need is already on hand. :0)

young77 said...

Wow!I think I'll use your menu list for rest of Oct. and November! It all sounds so good! I usually pick two or three suggestions, but it must be the turkey dishes! I love turkey, squash etc.