Saturday, October 10, 2015

Feeding the pantry

I hit several stores this morning.

1-the butcher: 2 hotdogs (to cut into pennies for lentil soup), 1/2 lb each Boar's Head turkey, ham $12.78

2-Shoprite:4 boxes Scotties tissues @78 cents, 2 bottles Persil detergent @ $3.99 & $4.99, 1 Wisk detergent @ $2.99, 4 8 ct pkgs Dial soap @ $1.99 ea, 4 cans Progresso soup @ 49 cents, 6 cans Goya low salt beans @ 33 cents,

2 cans Starkist albacore @ 75 cents, 2 3 lb bags apples @ $1.99/bag, egglands best lg  eggs $2.29, 8 la yogurts @ 50 cents, 2 each Grands cornbread style and low fat biscuits @ 74 ea. I paid $43.68
3-Dollar Tree: 2 pkgs flour tortillas, 1 Pepsi I spent $3.11.

4-Aldi: 2 fzn oj, milk, 1 pie crust, 1 jar spaghetti sauce, 4 lb bag sugar, 6 cans pumpkin (supposedly another shortage this year), bag hazelnut coffee, graham crackers, 2 boxes maple leaf cookies. I  paid $25 even.

 5 large cans ck lite tuna

5-I also hit Stop & Shop (can't find my receipt-it was under $50)  I found some awesome crash n burn, including the above tuna @ $1.19! Didn't need tuna, but at that price, I would be a fool not to buy it. I also got "dino eggs" Quacker oatmeal-a treat for the kids, paying $1.39/box (bought several). 2 pkgs Johnsonville pork bfst sausage, a flat of bottled water @ $1.99, Ritz crackers, Cracker barrel Cheddar, organic Swiss chard, a roll of Jimmy Dean pork sausage, 2 bottles VO5 shampoo,1 2 lb bag Tyson ck nuggets (boys are asking for protein snacks), a 5 lb tote of 77/lb apples, a 29 cent/lb tote of marked down bananas. 8 lg boxes store brand jello and 8 boxes store brand pudding-all on crash n burn. I can't remember what else I got.


Belinda said...

Some really great prices, Carol. :)

CTMOM said...

I grab sales when I see them and was able to apply coupons on top for an even better price out the

Lee Ann said...

I didn't know Aldi sold maple leaf cookies