Saturday, October 24, 2015

Fall CSA 2015 # 3

 Salad mix, a 24 oz jar of their marinara, 1 lb apples, 1 lb onions,
 1 ln beans *(funny that we're finally getting beans, they were only ever included once over the Summer.  Click on this link and scroll thru our CSA pick ups this year:
Pretty hardy and prolific, so where did the beans go? Sold at their on site stand, the farmer's market, restaurants, Whole Foods-as mentionws on their social media. Sigh.

 1 lb radishes *(weird to have to weigh them. Noted that the tops were removed, some were a bit spongy-these are older), sunchokes-again 1 lb.

2 bonuses this week: peppers, quince

FYI: I paid $280 for 7 weeks of CSA pick up or does this equal $40 worth of organic food? My thoughts have been clear for quite some time now. Whole Foods isn't far from my home, I can also get organic produce at Stop n Shop, IGA, etc. so I have alternatives next year.


Florence said...

No, it is not $40 worth of organic produce! All the grocery stores where I live carry organic produce now. I like to pick out my own produce rather than just taking what the CSA chooses to send me. I have a feeling that your CSA makes more money at its own stand or farmers market and you are getting the leftovers.

CTMOM said...

Florence, I do know that they charge $10 FOR the sauce, not that I'd ever pay that. So $30 for the rest? They must calculate it @ $5/lb. I can and will do much better elsewhere. I totally agree that the CSA is far from a prority, we're the last or after thought it seems

Amy Walter said...

Even if they charge $10 for the sauce the rest is not worth $30. I don't CSA anymore because the area I am in is full of small farm stands run by grandpa's who have a lot of time on their hands. Is it always organic? I am thinking no butI would rather give $30 to them and get 4x the veggies. I used a CSA when we lived near a large city and they never gave me veggies that looked like this. It is just a shame.

TrayceeBee said...

TEN DOLLARS for a jar of sauce?!?! That's just insane! And, I'm agreeing with the others...What you received is NOT worth $40 or even $30 of even organic produce! Cut your losses and not join again next year. Your money will be better spent at Whole Foods or farmers markets.

Kathy said...

Wow that doesn't seem like enough food for $40. I don't think that I would renew the csa membership, but I would let them know that I was disappointed in the selection.