Saturday, October 17, 2015

Fall 2015 CSA

 This week's Fall CSA: baby carrots (the REAL deal, not the cut down bits that the stores sell as "baby carrots"), a huge head of Radicchio, 2 med peppers, a jar of their peach preserves, 1 garlic, bunch of parsley
 1 lb mixed green beans (didn't really get many this Summer, yet here they are, still producing @@), 1 lb Russwt apples, 1 lb potatoes, a smallish bunch of mixed greens that they call "braising greens." It's a mix of chard, Kale and. mustard greens
 With a killing frost in the forecast, yesterday's pick up was the last time that we will be able to gather herbs from the herb garden; we were encouraged to take a lot. I choose: French thyme, French tarragon, purple sage,

regular sage, Rosemary, lemon balm (I make herbal infussions aka "tea" out of that)

Happier with this week's share but, only really 3 days worth of a side veg: beans, Radicchio and carrots. I suppose I could stretch the potatoes by frying off the 2 peppers, adding garlic and herbs for a 4th side. Still, not the amount I anticipated when renewing this year. Here's the e-mail we received about this week's pick up

:" Forecasts for this weekend have nighttime temperature sinking into the upper 20's....Brrrr!  This means that the season's first frost will probably put an end to the last of summer crops that have faithfully produced up until now.  We are trying to pack your share this week with as many of these goodies as we can."

Hmm . .besides the herbs/parsley, the Radicchio (can cover w/ a row cover if not already growing in one of several green houses), the peppers and  beans-the rest are cold tolerant!  For sale (additional charge if interested) in thei stand/store were Summer items: green tomatoes, Summer squash. Sigh.

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Marcia in rural WNY said...

A pound of apples??? That's a really poor crop in my book! One or two apples! I bought --for two people--at least 5 or 6 lbs this week--we don't normally measure by the pound, but the MacIntosh were 88 cents a lb, Honey Crisp $1.99 a lb. The honey crisp were a treat for my husband. They are expensive apples but they are good.

I've never done a CSA but I surely think I could get more for my money at most any of the stands around here than you got for yours. Herbs are really easy to grow and I have quite a few in my garden. When you have a permanent home, you should try them. They just need to be planted and harvested mostly--not a lot of care except a little water now and then. I have at least one square foot of chives alone---and our supermarket charges $1.29 for a small handful.