Saturday, October 17, 2015

Dollar Tree find

Stopped at Dollar Tree today, and came across these, buying 2 of each but skipping the chipoltle taco and bbq ck versions. I can use these in the crock pot. Per the company website, there are additional varieties as well


Florence said...

Glad to see you made it through the looooong week!

Dawn- Blessed Beyond Measure said...

Oh Wow! I was just at Dollar Tree yesterday and I would have picked these up too if I would have spotted them. I am going to check for them next week when I go again. I am interested to know how the Sicilian Chicken flavor is- it looks good! Thank you for sharing your finds! :)

Rachel said...

I saw them at our dollar tree too. Didn't get any because all they had was chili and the stir fry. I did get a McCormick pasta seadoning though there. Couldn't beat 0.50 a pack. Picked up 3 more this week.