Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sunday cooking

 I cooked up the bulk bfst sausage from the butcher. Nice and lean, good seasoning.
 Sunday bfst: sausage organic, free range eggs, oj,Hazelnut coffee.
 Today I skipped lunch, having a yogurt come late afternoon. I spent the day cooking for us and a family in the community who recently had a tragedy. I was restricted to no pork or beef so I got creative. 2 pkgs of chicken-apple sausages were boiled, then fried until they got some color.
 Blurry photo of apple-raisin coleslaw.
 Crock pot of calico beans, minus the salt pork and bacon.
 A big tray of Southern style, buttermilk corn bread
 After packing up the family's meal, I stuckour sausages in with the beans to stay hot.
 My supper
I also baked 2 apple pies, using e freebie organic Heirloom apples I got yesterday. Naturally, one was given to the other family. I shope their meal is well received.


meme said...

That was really nice of you to send a meal to a family in need. I am sure the homemade apple pie was a comforting surprise for them.

Kathy said...

Looks delicious! I'm sure the family will appreciate and enjoy your meal. So thoughtful.

young77 said...

What an awesome gift, Carol! How could it not be well received? Shirley

Kearnygirl said...

How kind and thoughtful of you to cook and deliver food to another family going through a tragedy. And, the food looks go good! I love to hear that there are caring people and that not everyone is self centered. Thanks for sharing that.

CTMOM said...

While I know the father and son, I don't know the wife. The guys eat anything. This is "peasant food" but it's what we eat and I willingly share. We've been on the receiving end of the delivered dinners and found them to be a real God-send during a very difficult time for our family. My town is awesome like that, everyone pulls together to help those in need/hurting.