Saturday, September 26, 2015

More apple freebies

 I've been truely blessed this Fall, when it comes to acquiring heirloom, organic apples for free! Local FB page post alerted me to someone who lives near my CSA farm, who has a ton of apples to pass along. After donating to her local food pantry, baking for her own family, she has continued to repost yet more available apples. These are Northern Spy's

We've enjoyed several pies, I've blessed families in distress with homemade pies (I am a volunteer for a "send them a meal" chain within my community).
 Apple sauce was made (just wash, cut into 4, add a splash water and go!)
 Trimmings from pie making also followed the above process. After running through a food mill, there is so little left, and that is composted.
 My finished sauce with a pretty redish hue, due to the skin pigment, as well as the addition of some cinnamon. I hope to can this weekend.
as I have received even more, as of yestersay! I will guess 50 apples in total were gifted to me. Wonderful!


Belinda said...

Very nice! :)

Beth said...

Wow, this looks delicious. I buy "seconds" to make applesauce. Far superior to store bought.