Sunday, September 20, 2015

Meal planning: October 2015


Mid September means it's time to plan for October, double check which meals weren't made in Sept, switch over to soup on Saturday (great budget and time saver for me), check inventory on hand, make a list of must have's. We will continue with a weekly CSA share, but expectations are low, considering the paltry content's from this Summer. Back on school schedule, Fridays and Wednesdays  become leftover night's except for the one Friday (on average) that the boys are here.

1-tacos-use dried beans and fzn beef) on soft tacos, salad
3-lentil soup
4-pork chop(fzn) bake, fzn brussel sprouts, whipped butternut squash
5-tuna cakes, coleslaw, 2 veg TBD
6-lazy golumbki casserole
8-chicken parmesan over linguini, use fzn marinara; salad
10-potage St Germain
11-baked chicken thighs/drums, brown rice, baked acorn squash rings
12-salmon cakes, fzn onion rings, coleslaw
13-cp chilli: use fzn diced turkey, dried pintos; cornbread  *buy cornmeal
15-baked ziti with Italian cheeses-use fzn marinara; fzn green beans
17-butternut squash soup
18-roast hotel style turkey breast(fzn), stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce, veg
19-imitation crab (fzn)quiche, salad, veg
20-pate chinois, apple-raisin coleslaw
22-CP calico beans, hotdogs (fzn) *buy rolls
24-turkey noodle soup
25-cp pot roast *buy beef, mashed potatoes
26-horseradish encrusted white (fzn) fish, salad, veg
27-planned over: turkey slices in gravy over mashed potatoes, veg
29-broiled pork tenderloins (fzn), garlic seasoned egg noodles, veg
31-hamburger (fzn)-vegetable soup

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