Monday, September 7, 2015

Fish on Monday: Salmon cakes

 One can of pink salmon=5 salmon cakes
 turned to some chive I've had in the fridge from the CSA. Don't know why they didn't put that in the PYO herb garden, it's a perennial, transplants well, is hardy.
 Here's my laundry drying gizmo turned herb dryer on the 3 season sun porch. We'll be well supplied for Winter.
 The head of lettuce we got equaled 1/2 a bowl, so the remaining, fist full of mixed, organic baby gtreens I got at the store plus one Romaine heart bulked it out.
 Black olives, organic cukes/cherry tomatoes/red onion finish the salad. I made a big one (DD has been away but returns tomorrow) as we're in yet another heat wave, and I want to take some to work tomorrow, along with my l/o strip steak from Sunday.

My supper plate, including the carrots and squash I got thru the CSA.

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Marcia in rural WNY said...

i have several herbs in my garden, and i can't understand why the grocery store charges from $1.29 to $1.69 for a TINY bunch. Chives -- I have them in a corner of the garden and I have to dig around them every year to keep them from taking over, not to mention they come up in the cracks between the sidewalk path that goes past the garden and I'm sure they are in the lawn as well, except we keep that short! If you want to plant some when you buy your next house, I'd be happy to send seeds, plants, and also mint. That's another one--we pull stems out four and five feet at a time, just to keep it under control!