Monday, September 7, 2015

CSA 8/31

Another lacking in quantity week: 1 lb tomatoes, pick your own herbs (I do weekly and dry surplus for Winter), 5 med red onions, 4 chillin peppers (also drying), 1 lb potatoes, 6 small peaches which went from rock hard to rotting so out to compost, 5 med apples, a pint pyo cherry tomatoes-many of which turned quickly. I return this afternoon for this week's pick up.


Larissa Stretton said...

That is so disappointing. We were part of a CSA like that in CT a few years ago. We were able to find a much better one in Massachusetts, probably much too far for you, but perhaps you could find a better one for next year. It's amazing how they are not created equal.


CTMOM said...

It was much better last year. : (