Monday, September 7, 2015

An odd week as meal plans go

Monday became CORN night. Oppressive weather all week translated into NOT baking chicken drums on Tues. Instead, after dropping off one DS to a commitment, I went to the butcher's and grabbed 2 lbs ground beef. Burgers on the grill-I forget sides. Pork beans? While out, I got gas, grabbed a gallon of milk. Wed was dinner for one, I had a sandwich. Th was sandwich and deli salads night (very rare for me) as I had a late hair appointment and knew I'd be home late. Fri was take out pizza for 3. Sat burgers and hotdogs on the grill (weather finally cleared),  Sun was steak on the grill.

I did make a nice bfst for Sun: free range scrambled eggs, bacon, hash browns, oj, coffee.

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meme said...

I love your Sunday breakfast pictures! I usually manage two cups of coffee while I am reading the newspaper, then start cleaning my house - having a peanut butter sandwich mid morning.