Tuesday, August 11, 2015

you just never know

things seem to find me. I keep a running list of wants and needs, which currently includes replacing the wooden sewing cabinet for my circa 1956 black, Singer sewing machine. the cabinet, besides the usual wear, is now really delaminating on one side. I communicated back and forth with a FB tag sale seller from another town, regarding a cabinet she is selling. sadly, the hole cut out is too big, and retrofitting would be too much of a project. as luck would have it, someone in this town posted what looks like a twin to my current cabinet, up for sale.  I am going over this morning to check it out. new cabinets? Besides being made of pressboard and outside of this country, retail from about $600 to $1000-well out of my price range. they are asking $25, so fingers crossed that this cabinet will work for me!

Update: the measurements don't work, so I passed. shame as the cabinet is in excellent shape. Not meant to be.

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RPS4boys said...

Too bad it didn't work out! Hope you can find another one. I have my sewing machine in a cabinet I bought at an auction for $5!!!