Sunday, August 30, 2015

Yes, buying more once again means paying LESS


After showering today, DD helped me to try on my new bra (still need help with this due to my hand), and unfortunately, I need a different size. Off to Kohl's I went this afternoon for an exchange, after reading their policies on line. Another issue is that my size is not carried in stores, but it can be  ordered on line. I stopped at Customer Service, and was instructed to use their "help line" phone on the wall. After a few minutes, I finally got a customer service rep on the phone, gave her my info, explained what I wanted and she transferred me. I waited 25 minutes-I was watching the clock, and getting very impatient as I listened to musack (sp?) and looped reminders to use their on line website. I finally got a second rep, again had to provide all of my info, as I started to again explain about wanting to make an exchange, the rep stopped me, stating that she is collections and my account is delinquent??!??  Apparently, I either never recived the bill for my son's curtains or it somehow was misplaced. I paid that off over the phone. Now I am quite upset, seriously considering cancelling my Kohl's card. She transfers me to someone who can do the exchange. A few minutes later, I work with a man to get the exchange, using my discounts that I used when /i ordered the first ones. Turns out, these are now further reduced, so getting a 5th bra for 94 cents less than my former total. Concerned about the status of my charge account and any possible fees, I asked and sure enough $25 fees for a late charge on $68 curtains! I asked to speak to someone on this. He transferred me, I immediately spoke with a 4th person, they credited the fees back to my account. I asked that they look at  my payment history and see that I always pay, in full, on time. About 55 minutes from start to finish!

I poked around a bit and found 2 pairs of flats for work (originally $55, on sale for $19). I used merchandise credits from the 94 cents exchange from the bras and from retourning a pair of too tight sneakers that have been in my closet for months. I may have lost a bit on the sneakers, compared to what I paid, but at least I now have 2 pairs of shoes that I CAN wear! I spent just under $8 OOP for the shoes, in total. Phew!


Marcia in rural WNY said...

Well you came out ahead, with extras, but you sure worked hard for it!! 55 minutes on the phone is a LOT. Glad that you got everything worked out, at least.

meme said...

that was awful to have been put on hold for so long! the late charge happened to me once too -- I had a TIA (very small stroke) in April. I missed my payment and they charged me - but it never occurred to me to call and ask for it to be taken off - like you - I have a long credit history with Kohls, always paying early till this April - one time - I was in hospital a couple of days and recouped at home, forgetting about paying Kohls. I always pay bills on time, acturally early - so this late payment charge from kohls really upset me.

Belinda said...

You are way more patient than I am, but it paid off for you! Kudos. :)

Ms. Sandie said...

As someone who tries to do everything efficiently (as I know you also do Carol) I find behavior like this from other businesses/persons so frustrating.