Sunday, August 30, 2015

Working/cooking in the cool of the morning . .planning ahead

 Slept in until almost 5:30 and stayed up as the forecast was for the day to become more humid and hot. It was cool when I got up. I made a large pot of marinara, adding celery, garlic scapes, scallions, red peppers that I ran through the food processor before sweating them off in reserved pork fat. Herbs, beef bouillion powder and red wine completed it.
 Meanwhile, a batch of beef *(from new butcher shop) and hot Ital. sausage based meatballs were mixed up, baked off.
 I made 29 in total

half of the sauce is to be frozen,

along with the extra meatballs not needed for supper.
Supper's meatballs are simmering away in sauce.

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Frugal in Bucks said...

Lovely, I can almost smell them!