Monday, August 17, 2015

Weekend cooking and customer service

Simple Saturday sandwich was  tuna salad on Kaiser rolls. Scorching heat, high humiity have left me with little desire to heat up the house.

 Sunday supper was BBQ grilled chicken leg quarters that I cut into drums/thighs, Jasmine rice, COTC. We had decided to have DD's birthday cake on Sunday, and with the temps, I didn't want to bake so I splurged on a chocolate mousse cake from Whole Foods. I didn't spend much on DD's pizza dinner so was comfortably purchasing a cake. I knew that the quality would be comparable to my made at home scratch cake.

 Image our disappointment when after removing the plastic ring surrounding the sides of the cake in order to serve dessert, we discovered several spots of mold! The cake was in a refrigerator case at WF and after a 10 minute drive home, was kept refrigerated. After discovering this, I immediately drove back to WF, anticipating a replacement cake and asking for say $5 off. I did get a fresh cake, the original cake was refunded in full AND, they gave me a $20 gift card! I hadn't even suggested any refund yet, nice on their part, actually awesome! Now to figure out how to best use that $20. So 2 freebies: a delicious cake and the GC.


Belinda said...

Wow, that was super nice of WF to go the extra mile like that! :)

thyme2save said...

Whole Foods has a generous return policy; however, after a relative worked there and told some of their practices with fresh produce and meat and now cakes that are frozen, I purchase only canned foods for ER times.

Usually, I am do not purchase canned, packaged, or frozen foods because I have preservatives and other additives are on my doctors' do-not consume list.