Thursday, August 13, 2015

Tweaking how I stay organized

 This olive green, rusty, metal card file box was originally a GW find for a $1 or less, it replaced a paperboard, Macy's giftbox that I repurposed, taped then retaped together for years.

Using far fewer cpns than in years past, given my hand issues, it was time to find a more compact solution.
 I am redonating the file box, and the homemade file sorters (originally cut to fit the Macy's box, then again to fit the metal one), these are now scrap paper, to be used one more time before being recycled.
 I bought this pouch @ Dollar Tree. Only 4 categories: perishables, pantry staples, cleaning/paper goods, personal care/HBA. There is also room in the very front for CVS and other store cpns. I now carry this in my purse.
 My paper, pocket planner(an annual freebie thru my Union)is missing it's cover and ends with Dec 2015. I already have appointments scheduled for well into 2016, and had resorted to a loose sheet of paper in the back with a running list. I need something sturdier, yet still small enough to tote in my purse. I found this one also at DT. I initially gravitated to a mini hardcover, decorative book one, but didn't like that it ends June 2016
 The purple one starts July 2015 (last month)
and ends Dec 2016-exactly what I was looking for. Perfect!

Hopefully, these small measures will work for me.

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Belinda said...

Very nice planner! I may break down and go get me one. :)