Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Tuesday: a version of hamburger n macaroni

Hamburger and macaroni on tonight's menu but substituting 2 1/2 links or approx. 1/2 lb worth of hot Italian sausage that I got on marked down and froze, bulking it out with lots of vegetables.

I used my last pint of home canned tomatoes, I am officially out.

Although I started the Summer with a full gallon sized jar and about 12 oz of a 24 oz bag of elbow mac, we're eating it down considerably.

 side was fresh, non gmo corn from the CSA.

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Belinda said...

Sounds delicious and frugal, Carol. Nice that your CSA has non gmo corn.

Good to use up your home canned tomatoes. I used up the last of mine last summer. I've not done anymore because my stove is not up to the task.

My grandparents put up home grown produce for years, but didn't have a system in place to use it efficiently and a lot of it had to be disposed off after they were gone. Not a good use of resources.