Friday, August 7, 2015

taking care of business, spending money in the process

This has been a busy week, attending to numerous service appointments.
 5 rugs picked up by the rug cleaners, for return next Mon.
Chimney sweep was here
Oil tank topped up so I can calculate the annual needs here, contemplating prebuying this year
 Contacted the firewood guy, followed up, have to follow up again
HAd my car windshield replaced due to the crack formed by the rock that was kicked up from a pothole this Spring, happy to use a coupon voucher promo found on line. Price beat the quotes I had gotten from local repair shops.
Went to ss office to request replacement cards for the boys, they got lost in a move.
laptop brought in to shop for a diagnosis at $58. no w I await word as to how much it will cost to repair it, if that is possible. I am willing to put another $100 into it, if the price exceeds that, I will buy a new one. luckily, this is the time of year with many promos for BTS.
Today finds me at 2 back to back MD appointments, getting results from lab work done earlier this week, on Mon as well as trying to get to the bottom of the nerve pain and issue I am having with my left hand where I had surgery in July.

The monies needed for the aforementioned service appointments are set aside every month as a budget item so when I need to withdraw them, they are available and I am mot scrambling to cover these costs.

I aim to budget for all repeating, anticipated expenditures in this fashion. Just still makes me nervous to have so much money, saved for or not, bleeding out of my account.


Marcia in rural WNY said...

I hurt every time money comes out of savings too. Even when anticipated! This week my husband's hearing aid had to be repaired ($225) and our new replacement TV was delivered. it's been a riot so far---we got a smart TV and we aren't very smart at figuring it out yet!! We do have it usable, however, so it's a start. DH is kicking himself for not buying a bigger one, but it's a small room and a 32 inch TV is quite big enough, IMO. The old one wouldn't give us a picture until sometimes half an hour after it was turned on. At first it was just a couple minutes, but at half an hour, I said--better order the new one fast!! We have a couple more replacement items on my mental list as well. This week we get a 6 or 7 day "vacation" to go to my husband's car club convention. We have pre-paid for hotel and convention costs, so I just took some extra cash out for meals and gas on the trip. Makes it hurt a little less!

DW said...

I understand how you feel about the $$$ going out. But I always remind myself that by having money put aside, whatever happens is an inconvenience, not a crisis.