Sunday, August 30, 2015

Stocking up and shopping for Fall/Winter

There are some great deals with BTS and switching from Summer to Fall. I've had several quick stops and a large shopping trip @ Aldi's, where I found this salt free a la Mrs Dash seasoning.

 I recently frequented a real butcher shop and am very pleased with the quality of meats offered. More expensive in some respects (depends on what you are comparing) bt the quality is superior. I will be returning.
 A trip to Shoprite yesterday for specials, also found me grabbing some cheese ends, noting that again, the price is up: $2.99/lb. Still, it's about 50% of what they normally charge, if ordering sliced cheese. I  will shred and then store it, by cheese type, in the freezer.
Grabbed this single, marked down pkg of hot Italian turkey sausage.

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Marcia in rural WNY said...

I finally got to the store early enough to get cheese ends this week, and I'm still paying $3.99 # for them. I got about a pound of Swiss, which I use for quiche. The store brand of cheese is sometimes on sale for the same price. Not many bargains in this area on cheese, or anything else for that matter. The store brand is actually very good cheese--I think it may be from a certain factory in the small town where my parents grew up. Tastes the same to me.
If branded, it's more expensive.