Monday, August 17, 2015

Putting up for Winter

 Swung by my impromptu fam stand, grabbing more squash. $5 and they are all organic.
 Was also given soft tomatoes, free of charge. Nice.
 I cooked them whole, then ran it through a food mill.
 meanwhile, I finely chopped celery, onion, peppers in the food processor. I fried them off in reserved bacon fat, then added the tomato sauce back to the pot

along with some garlic, herbs/spices, and let that reduce more

2 quarts of marinara are now in the freezer for Winter.


carol pavlik said...

Hi Carol.I had always read that you should not freeze in glass jars that have shoulders Are you going to freeze your marinara in these jars?

CTMOM said...

Carol P-The marinara was first cooled to room temp, then I filled the jars with extra headroom, meaning empty space at the top. I set the mostly filled jars in the freezer, uncapped. Once fzn, they were capped, and plenty of headroom remains, it doesn't rise as it freezes like broth would.

thyme2save said...

I freeze everything having tired of canning years ago.