Friday, August 21, 2015

Planning ahead for Fall/Winter meals


Shoprite has has loss leader sales on what I'll call Fall/Winter meats. Recently, I bought 2 hotel style turkey breasts @ 89/lb for the freezer. Prior to that, I grabbed a shank ham @ 99/lb (manager's special) at Stop & Shop. Today, after dropping kidlet off at work, I returned to Shoprite, again to capitalize on sales as well as loss leader hams: shank hams @ 69/lb, butt portion @ 79/lb0limit was 2 each type. I bought 3 total, as I knew I had a 4th ham already in the freezer. I also snapped up some marked down pork tewnderloins, paying $4.19/lb (I try not to exceed $4). These are also organic-awesome. 4 tenderloins=2 meals w/ planned overs. Thanksgiving turkey and Christmas ham already bought, nice.

I also bought plums, Barilla pasta (75/lb after sale n cpn), 2 pks swabs, 1 toothpaste (sale n cpn deal), 1 jar Barilla sauce-88 cents after sale n cpn, 4 16 oz P pan p butter @ $1.39, etc.


Belinda said...

Really good prices, especially on the hams. I like the price of the Peter Pan PB. I figured we would be seeing some sales on PB with back to school upon us.

Lili said...

Fantastic deal on the hams, Carol! I see lots of ham as luncheon and breakfast meat in your future! I have one ham left in the freezer, from last year. I'm not sure if I will keep it until Christmas, or bake it this fall. I baked my other ham about a week ago. It was a nice change of pace for that week's meals, and I still have some of it in the freezer for quick additions to egg-based suppers, and the entire soup bone to use (with lots of meat on it, too). I have 1 whole turkey, which I'll roast in September, long enough before Thanksgiving that the T-day turkey won't feel redundant. It's a good feeling to be well-stocked, isn't it?

thyme2save said...

When turkeys sold for 39-cents per pound, I stocked my freezer with 10 turkeys to have one turkey each month. There would be the meals of roast turkey, turkey salad, casserole, and turkey/veggie soup. Turkey wraps are tasty, too.

With creativity, all sale meats bought in bulk stretch the food budget.

Kathy said...

Wow those are great deals on ham! Great stocking up. I wish we had a shoprite store. An Aldi will be opening this fall, but it will still be an hour drive. Looking forward to checking it out though, even if I don't go very often.