Sunday, August 23, 2015

MY back to school shopping 2015

Now THIS is an exciting post!


My back to school shopping is limited this year to replacing my bras. Being well endowed, I need "good bras" which can get pricey. I wait the sales.

Normal price: $36
Sale price: $24.99
Promo code: saved $10
Promo code: saved $13.50
Store credit: $26.96

4 new bras shipping to my home: $54.35.


TrayceeBee said...

THAT is a great deal!!!

Belinda said...

I have the same problem with bras being expensive. Mine are $49, ouch. You got a great deal for 4 bras!!

CTMOM said...

DD is more endowed than I am; her last bras cost her $42 on sale.

Ms. Sandie said...

excellent deal!

Marcia in rural WNY said...

I can usually manage to get my preferred $32 ones for about $16 if I watch the sales. I shouldn't really need any for another year. I stocked up last year at a buy one get one free sale. My granddaughter likes Victoria's Secret ones--don't remember how much they are but we rarely save more than $10 on them. She was a late bloomer and used to wear Calvin Klein bras that were $45 each---well padded--but that's not a problem any more, and we did have a CK outlet store that I always checked first!!

meme said...

Awesome pricing....I have to admit - I wears my bras longer than I should for the simple reason they are so pricy -- (DD) - expensive !!! I replaced mine about 8 months ago and will probably wear them for three - five years before replacing them again. I have two that are about 6 years old - and six that are about 8 monthsold. I bought these last six from woman within -- on clearance -- but still 25 dollars a piece !

Kearnygirl said...

Hi! I also have to buy "good" bras. I usually get them at Kohl's on sale. I was wondering where you got yours? That was such a good deal. How did you get two promo codes to work? Just curious. I just bought two bras on sale but didn't get the deal you did. I hand wash my bras and don't put them in the dryer either. They seem to last longer that way. Being they are so pricey, I will try anything to keep them wearable longer.

thyme2save said...

Good fitting bras are a must. I also hand wash and hang to dry.

CTMOM said...

Kearney-yes, Kohl's. Ordered on line. One can use multiple promos, up to 3 or 4-I forget exactly