Sunday, August 23, 2015

Making bread

 The oppressive heat and humidity finally moved out yesterday, so A/C off, windows open and time to use the oven, baking 2 loaves of bread. One ABM's heating element is definately broken. I can still use it to make dough, but then when it's supposed to be rising, I remove that bread bucket, set it atop the bread bucket of the good ABM, cover that with a towel and let the 2 rise. I transfer the dough to awaiting bread pans, let rise again in a warm oven, before baking off. It worked. Loaf on the right is from the broken ABM.
 I read that placing a loaf of bread in a paper bag for freezing will avoid soggy bread as it thaws. With heat and humidity to return, pls having 2 store bought loaves on hand, with no preservatives in my bread, I knew that this was planning ahead bread.
After popping the bread in repurposed flour bags (on hand for draining fried foods), I then wrapped it in a saved bread baggie.

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Belinda said...

I've been watching bread videos on YouTube lately. There are some great tips on there. One of them was to wrap the loaf in a dish towel, so it is softer to cut through instead of being hard. I thought I was going to have to make some today for this week, but I found some on markdown yesterday.