Friday, August 14, 2015

It pays to complain


Yes, I am that customer. I just got my new cable/internet bill and it's up $14, so I placed a call. Back in June, when I returned the 3rd cable box and remote from DS's room, I confirmed that we remain on a bundled service promo for a second year. Great. Turns out that one feature that we don't use, was a freebie for just the first year, so effective Aug, there is an additional charge. I asked to drop this feature which we don't use, and the rep volunteered to back date it to Aug 6. So, my bill is back down, we trudge on. It pays to be vigilent and know your usual bills.

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RPS4boys said...

I did this recently. I knew our 2-year bundle deal was ending and I kept getting reminder e-mails, etc. I didn't do anything (still had time) when I got an e-mail "congratulating" me on renewing (higher price, of course). I called and got a very helpful representative who said that is definitely not supposed to happen. I told her that we didn't use a lot of stuff we had and how could I cut it back. She apologized for the renewal (done w/o my say so) and gave us extra channels (youngest ds is pretty happy about that) for less money and a credit to boot. Definitely pays to pay attention!