Tuesday, August 11, 2015

CSA 2015

this week's pickup included: purple scallions, 2 lbs tomatoes, a pints cherry tomatoes with choice of 2 varietes, I chose my favorite Black Krim, bunch chive, 2 bell peppers, 3 apples, 3 peaches, 6 non gmo corn,

 pick what you want from a newly finished herb garden-I took mint, stevia, sage, rosemary, dill, .margarem.  sadly, no squash, beans, lettuce, cabbage . . . Really pushing me not to continue next year, esp. As I know we will be moving.


TrayceeBee said...

It's very strange that there wasn't any squash, beans, or lettuces to be had. This past week at the Wooster Market, there were tons of squash available and I'm quite sure I saw a lot of lettuce and beans. I agree that you should re-evaluate the CSA plan - especially if you know you will be moving. I hope you at least feel you are getting your $$ worth with what you are receiving this year there, even if it's not the produce you were hoping for.

Belinda said...

I wonder if they have just spread themselves too thin and sold too many shares for what they are producing? It seems to me that you are not getting very much produce. The other CSAs you have done in years past had a lot more fresh food than this. I cannot imagine a garden that is not producing squash and beans right now. I hope you see an improvement next week.

Marcia in rural WNY said...

Even here, where spring didn't come until about the end of May, the produce stands are full of choices. I had to replant some of my seeds, but they are all up and growing now. It looks like I will have lots of Romaine when I get back from vacation---and that's good because it's the only lettuce I buy normally. Not a lot of swiss chard but it's nearly big enough to use now, and a couple tomatoes are finally getting ripe. Cooler nights have me hoping for more green peppers to set, and beets will be late but we will have some. Three apples and three peaches are not a lot--peaches should be abundant now. I haven't been to my favorite stand much because the supermarket actually has been having good sales in their "locally grown" section. Sounds like you are about to need to visit a farm stand or two in your area.