Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Crock Pot Tuesday: Swiss steaks

Took the last pkg of Swiss steak out of the garage freezer. Meat stores, especially as I moved the sausage to the kitchen freezer (the bulk of our meat) are really dwindling: some BSTB, some BSCB, 1 pkg bone in ck leg quarters, 5 pkgs grd beef, 1 grnd turkey, 1 ham, 2 hotel turkey breasts, msc such as prepared ck cutlets (breaded), grnd ham, ham bone, cooked diced turkey for chilli, 3 pkgs pork chops. Although we are deep into Summer weather, Fall meat (ham, turkey) have been on sale, so I am stocking up.

Tonight's supper will be served over egg noodles, side of steamed carrots.

Radishes, cherry tomatoes and cukes served as a salad knosher.

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