Thursday, August 13, 2015

Alternative food sources, and a freebie

 My impromptu, organic farmer stand opened again this past Sunday, and as luck would have it, I was to be in the area. DD had asked me to get some Butternut squash to roast. $3. While there, my farmer friend tossed in a cuke and a tomato-this Sunday's freebies.
While I continue to buy 4 doz organic, free range eggs from my above farmer (used as bfst sides once a week), I turn to cheap eggs in cooking. I noted that while recently DT returned to 8 count pkgs, they are once again down to 6 count. $2/doz med eggs vs $2.69 large at Aldi's.I compare whenever I buy. I learned years ago that if the price is 12 cents or less, the heavier eggs are the bargain. Here, in this scenario, the med eggs are. I got 3 doz of them as DT has only sporadically sold eggs since the egg shortage.


slugmama said...

Can't find eggs at any of the DTs around here anymore.
I hope this egg shortage passes soon.

Belinda said...

Good deal on the Dollar Tree eggs compared to Aldi's.

I bought eggs the other day. The large were $2.78 while the medium were $2.53 about a 25¢ difference. I went ahead and bought the medium.

The last time I bought large eggs it seemed to me that several of them were actually medium and I figured they were doing that because of the egg shortage, so I went ahead with the mediums for that reason.

Nice of the farmer to throw in the cuke & tomato. :)

CTMOM said...

Belinda, eggs are sold, by law, based upon weight minimums. Many may see eggs on the smaller end of the weight range as we overcome this shortage. Around here, large, extra large are common, sometimes jumbo. Don't know why but the small are never seen, med are ony seen @ DT. Growing up, all sizes were at the grocers! Using what I was taught, your med eggs were a better value.

CTMOM said...

Sluggy, I should add that this was the first time I saw BROWN eggs, not white, being sold @ DT. Locally, many have chickens and sell eggs from home, so I can access as many eggs as needed.

Belinda said...

Good to know, Carol. Thanks. :)

Lili said...

Here in the PNW, egg prices seem to be coming down just a tiny bit. Fred Meyer has marked their 5 dozen case of eggs at $9.89 for the last few weeks, down about $1 for the 5 dozen. Egg prices do seem to be very regional this year. Waiting to see what happens with the avian flu in the migrating flocks this fall. According to the USDA egg report for this week -- NY egg prices have remained unchanged. But California egg prices have dropped for medium and small eggs. (Price on large and Ex large eggs from CA, unchanged, on Jumbos price is up). nationwide, the trend seems to be Med and Smalls are slightly cheaper, while Large, and Ex Large prices have risen slightly. For the past few years, August has seen an increase in large egg prices, nationwide, but prices fall slightly (up to 30 cents per dozen) in very late August or early Sept, staying at that lower end until very early November.