Wednesday, August 19, 2015

1441 vs 724


My former rental home found us using 1441 gallons of oil to heat hot water and heat the home, keeping the home cold, resorting to many measures to save, be more comfortable.  While rent in this home is significantly more, we used 1/2 the amount of oil as we did in the other rental, with oil still being used for both hot water as well as heat. Toss in that my current LL doesn't require me to use a particular oil supplier (former LL had a service contract with the most expensive, local supplier), so I have been using the same C.O.D., local supplier that I used for years, while at my marital home. I am spending 1/3 of what I previously was, and this is reflected in my budget, that I am starting to update, in anticipation of my new paychecks, to start 9/15. Additionally, we had 2 more people at this home for most of the past year. I know how much it costs me to run this home; I keep the big picture in mind, however.

As we move towards colder weather (hard to imagine in this current heat spell), I aim to hold off on central heating as much as possible, turning to the wood stove to get the chill off at night. Sweaters, warm slippers, a hot cup of tea at supper are all measures that we will again take.


CT Bargain Mom said...

That's an amazing savings when you figure in the price per gallon!

Winter Fan said...

I'm laughing at the heat spell comment. Right now it is in the 50's here in MN, definitely a reminder that cold weather is on the way!

I have a couple of relatives on the east coast that also heat with a wood stove as much as possible. We have natural gas here, which is pretty reasonable. Our worst heating bills (heating an 1500 sq ft 100+ year old house) run about $250 for the month, usually in January where there can be quite a few below zero temps.

Our biggest savings came when my kiddo finally graduated to a big kid bed that I could pile up with blankets. We were able to lower the thermostat from 70 deg at night to about 62 or 63.

meme said...

Hi - I do the same as you with socks and slippers and hot drinks - I also bought an LL Bean fleece robe years ago and that is very warm. I keep four fleece blanket throws rolled on the back of the couch for an added layer while reading/talking. And - there are many nights we go to bed early and get under the blankets! My husband and I do have a tv in our bedroom - so its nice sometimes just to relax in bed and watch our favorite shows.
That is a huge difference in your oil pricing from one home to the other!

Belinda said...

Wow, what a huge difference in the two homes. I'm glad you are out of your old, drafty former rental. I am looking forward to cooler weather. I subbed in the gym yesterday where there is no a/c and it was hot and humid. The poor kids were drenched from it.

Kathy said...

That is a big difference in price. I'm glad that your new home is cheaper to heat.