Thursday, July 9, 2015

What's cooking Wednesday

 A simple breakfast; I am still pushing the cold cereals on hand. We've used up the dregs of several boxes this week, as my recycling bag can attest to, as well as the ever growing collection of waxed paper cereal bags that will be called into service once schools starts up. Not pictured, my morning coffee.
 While I had planned egg salad sandwiches, having boiled the older eggs in the morning, oncce lunch came, I went with sliced eggs with mayo and spicy, grainy mustard, seasoned with additional salt and pepper on Kaiser rolls.
 Supper was supposed to be for 2, dropped back to one come mid afternoon but I had already staerted prepping, having browned 2 Italian sausage links, then adding 1 can of stewed tomatoes, 1 sm can tomato sauce, assorted spices and the leftover sauce from Tues. I let this cook several hours before adding the leftover (planned ahead)linguini from Tues, letting it cook together about 30 minutes. Meanwhile, I made a salad

Here's the vintage slow cooker/Dutch oven on a griddle appliance I bought new in package from a thrift store, getting a great deal compared to what the owner paid. Receipt was inclosed with all paperwork, something likr $38 back in the day.

More pasta remains.

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