Monday, July 20, 2015

What's been cooking?

 Terribly hot here in CT, with one more day to go until it breaks. House is closed up, curtains drawn all upstairs A/C's running, as welll as the Den ceiling fan, 2 oscillating fans (LR & kitchen) as well as a box fan in my room. 77 degrees upstairs, 79 down but it's DRY!  Sunday supper stuck with the menu pan: corned beef and caggage, I just turned to a crock pot to avoid heating up the house a great deal. Planned overs for Tues,

Lots of sandwiches, and I am not usually a fan:

 A treat: seafood salad
Turkey and Swiss
 Tonight was supposed to be tuna cakes, fzn tater tots, a veg. A remaining rotisserie chicken beckoned me, however and became tonight's dinner inspiration.
 2 ramen packs, assorted fast food sauces, soy sauce, sesame oil (and veg oil not pictured)
 I used 1/2 of wat remained in the bag of fzn peppers n onions, 1/2 of a cut zuke, scallion tops, about 8 good sized Savoy cabbage leaves
 plenty of chicken on the carcass
 I cooked the ramen w/ the bouillon pkts, but served the noodles "dry" and using the bouillion along w/ the carcass and pan drippings o make cheicken broth for the freezer
 last minute decision: add some chopped garlic and 1/2 can, drained pineapple.
I called this sweet n sour chicken over ramen. Came out pretty good, enough for lunch for two tomorrow

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