Sunday, July 26, 2015

What's been cooking, dinner edition?

ingredients for a planned over, aka busy night

 canned pork beans accompanied this week's planned over meal of corned veef hash, sliced tomatoes on the side
 my hash, made using planned over potatoes along with 1 can diced potatoes
 Pasta night ingredients
 Crovk Pot sauce which included "square meatballs" from l/o meatloaf
 pasta and sauce combined
 topped w/ 3 Italian cheese blend
 bakrd off in the convection toaster oven
side salad

 taco night ingredients including hoe made/canned salsa

my beef-pink bean filling took advantage of freebie, Penzey's taco seasoning
 hard for me to roll up, but here's my dinner plate, side Mexicorn

Friday night was take out pizza.
 tonight's inspiration: bscb that will be cooked, used in a vinaigrette based, pasta salad
 2 types tuna
the rest of the baby shell pasta, plus ditalini to measure 2 cups' worth. We continue to eat down our pantry/freezer.
became a tuna-macaroni salad for the next 2 day's lunches

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Catherine said...

Everything looks great!