Thursday, July 16, 2015

Wednesday: this week's fish dinner, some freebies

 Breakfast was again a choice of cold cereal, with choices depleating. Lunch leftovers: a remaining serving of kielbasa dog "beanies n weanies"
 the last, small piece of cheese pizza and some planned over hamburger n macaroni
 one kidlet brought home fast food, extra supplies are today's freebies (he was going to throw them out)
 This week's fish dinner was pushed to Wed, using a lb pkg of fzn Haddock fillets baked with some lemon, Fox point seasoning. Side of basmati rice (a recently acquired freebie w/ a BOGO cpn)
 fzn pepper and onion strips were called into service for the veggis side dish
 along with organic zucchini and Summer squash

l/o salad w/ choice of dressings

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Florence said...

All looks delicious! Hope your hand continues to heal quickly and without too much discomfort.