Thursday, July 16, 2015

Use what we've got Thursday

A wonderfully cool. breezy morning with temps not tp climb over into the mid 70's-perfect in my book. A/C's off as of late yesterday, when a dry, cold front blew out the oppressive humidity that hung over CT for 2 days. Oatmeal, oj and coffee for breakfast with one kidlet choosing a toasted bagel before being driven over to his driver's ed class.
 I unearthed an almost empty, small jar of crunchy peanut butter in the kitchen food cabinet; I was able to scrape out the dregs, which were enough for 2 sandwiches. Now being washed, the lid will be saved for covering opened Mason jars and the jar recycled.  Glad to use it up, get it out of the cabinet. I also managed to finish a loaf of bread by placing the peanut butter on the crust side, so as to disguise it. Bread heels are normally dried out, then turned into crumbs.
Can't tell, can you?

Lunch will be quick sandwiches as once DS #2 returns home from Summer school, I need to drive him over to his Summer job. He ate on the way, drinking milk out of a refillable bottle.

His brother came home with more extra supplies from the fast food joint, wanting to throw them out. I saved them, along with my upcoming trash fees. The less we toss, the less I pay.

Dinner for 2 will find DD and I partaking of planned over hamburger and macaroni, l//o salad w/ choice of dressing, l/o steamed, French purple beans.

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