Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Tuesday's eats

I finished the oat meal packets this morning, kidlets had cold cereal w/ blueberries; OJ and coffee available as well.

 Lunch was leftover pizza.

Tonight's dinner menu: hamburger and macaroni, steamed French purple beans, salad.

 My favorite variety; I'm lucky to have a source for organic, local ones
Got gas on the way home-think it's my first fill up since July 1. Also stopped at CVS for RX refill-$0. Call that today's freedie.

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thyme2save said...

Carol, your ability to inspire has overwhelmed me for years. For your sharing, I offer my appreciation and "Go, Girl!"

A few days ago, I began reading your archives -again- and wish to recommend that every reader choose a month and continue until all posts are read. Everyone should take it easy and when at a pausing place, click to add the post last read to Favorites, allowing reader to re-start where reading was stopped.

May you continue to heal AND manage.