Thursday, July 9, 2015

Thursday's eats

More frugal eats around here: oatmeal w/ raisins. OJ, Coffee for me

 cold cereal (when box contents get low, I tend to recycle the box, store just the bag w/ dregs in the cupboard), coffee for kidlet
 toasted fluffernutters again

Supper menu was for baked, vegetarian ziti w/ cheese. I have enough leftover linguini to use instead,
just topping with more 3 Italian cheese blend.

 and baking it off, loosly covered w/ foil to hasten the process; baking alongside the garlic bread
 canned beans called into service
 frozen asset: a mrked down loaf of prepared garlic bread @ 99 cents-I can't make it for that
 My salad prep skills are lacking, having to resort to cutting lettuce, slicing and chopping are difficult but I managed to pull this off
 Ready to serve!

Supper plate: photo is blurry but you can see that we had plenty for 4 people, even a bit leftover which will become a lunch for one tomorrow!

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